To the Editor

Maine Video Mag has a whole new approach to letters to the editor. We really want to hear your thoughts about what is going on in the community so….we want your comments on video.

How are we going to do it. Simple…SKYPE. Send us an email to say you would like to post a comment. We will contact you via Skype and record a quick statement or interview. Short and sweet. That’s all there is to it. Within minutes you will be posted on the story page…your views expressed.

Some of you may not have Skype…in that case shoot us off an email with your comments and we will pop them up.

A few rules. We will not post anything that is defamatory or “off topic”. We will not post any rude or vulgar language and all video comments will be edited to 2 minutes max…so be prepared.

This is a chance to have your say in a new and exciting way. Get in touch…we are waiting to hear from you.


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